About Us

The firm Z.Y. Bernstein ltd has gained throughout a long period of being in business the reputation of a high level of integrity, credibility, honesty and quality in assorting diamonds and their processing.
The director of Z.Y. Bernstein, Yoram Bernstein has been working independently in the diamond business for 28 years. Born in Natanya, Bernstein is the second generation in his family to work in diamonds following the footsteps of his father, Zalman.

Throughout his career he has been involved in the manufacturing and exporting of fancy cut diamonds, specializing in triangles and heart shapes diamonds of all sizes.
In the last 5 years we have added to our firm the rounds and fancies department. We cut and polish diamonds in Israel, China and Russia; We buy our rough directly from suppliers around the world.
We specialized in both rounds and fancy cut diamonds- best make and top quality ( VG and better). We donít compromise on polish, symmetry and proportions.
We polish diamonds from small sizes 0.25ct. to large sizes up to 5.00ct and bigger, in the highest polish, symmetry and proportions standards ( from VG and up).

You will be able to see in this site a description of our inventory of round and fancy cut diamonds including GIA certificates.

There are diversified selections of diamonds for you to see and choose from, of course this is without brokers and direct from our office.
For more information from us or would like to speak to us directly regarding one of the diamonds in the list please call +972-3-5750611 or e-mail: sales@bernstein.co.il

Dozens of our clients can testify to consistency in service and the reliability of our products, manufactured in a plant employing dozens of workers.
Our advertising motif indicates that there isnít any extra charge for ordering pairs of diamonds.

This motif is based on a contemporary approach to marketing triangles,H.S, fancies and rounds derived from a concept claiming that the continuing and successional production of the same products creates a stock of couples.
That is the reason our clients can enjoy no extra charge whenever ordering pairs- unlike most fancy houses around the world.
Our marketing layout is capable of handling orders from $1500 and up to orders of hundreds of variable sizes and types of stones.
Our factories are manned with skillful, capable teams who work the couples to a maximum precision gauge calibration.
You are kindly invited to visit our office and personally get an eyesight impression of our excellent make and low prices.

Our Invenotry:

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Contact Us:

Diamond Exchange Building (Maccabi) 1 Jabotinsky St.
Ramat Gan 52520 Israel, Suite 134-5
Tel: (972-3)-575 0611, Fax: (972-3)-575 1894, Int. 2-2544
E-mail: sales@bernstein.co.il zybern@bernstein.co.il

The Factory:

diamonds The diamond factory of Z.Y.Bernstein ltd has been manufacturing diamonds for 45 years, employing the best workers in the diamond industry in Israel.

Today, production at the factory is entrusted to dozens of handpicked workers, whose high performance level allows us as a diamond company to meet the strictest standards for diamond dealers and jewelers.
Over the years, we have prepared almost every possible shape of diamonds in the factory, including odd shapes as required by customers.

diamonds Our computerized factory allows us to track the slightest deviations in the production process and detect errors in advance, thus preventing additional, unnecessary costs of the finished product.

Our philosophy derived from the idea that matched pair diamonds are provided at no significant extra price, this being because production is a continuous process, meaning that new stones are being produced all the time and added to our stock, and this manner we match pairs from the diamond stock that have arrived from the factory, without having to correct the diamonds to new dimensions, significantly the costs and the final product price.

Perfection of polishing and patience in planning diamonds are the basis of the entire production process at Our computerized factories all over the world.

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